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Coconut Origins


This great article by Diana Lutz, Deep History of Coconuts Decoded goes into depth about the origins and propogation of the mighty coconut, researching it on a genetic level. For those of us who live in tropical regions, we know the integral value of the coconut and it amazing variety of gifts.

According to Lutz:

It turned out that there are two clearly differentiated populations of coconuts, a finding that strongly suggests the coconut was brought under cultivation in two separate locations, one in the Pacific basin and the other in the Indian Ocean basin. What’s more, coconut genetics also preserve a record of prehistoric trade routes and of the colonization of the Americas.

This piece of information, garnered from an extensive DNA study of plants is several test areas also gives a clue to human history and migration, showing the areas where the coconut was transported and propagated.

Pretty fascinating research that helps our understanding of the past peoples, as well as our current understanding of our favorite tree.

Read the full article here.

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