Standing Our Ground on GMOs


UPDATE: Hawai’i’s County Council has voted to appeal the Federal Court decision to overturn Ordinance 13-121, banning GMO crops on the island of Hawai’i. The 5-4 vote to appeal the ruling will move the case up to a higher court for review. Special thanks to these Council members for their votes: Maile David, Karen Eoff, Dru Kanuha, Valerie Poindexter, Margaret Wille. Keep up the fight, Hawai’i!

Hawai’s County’s people have spoken. Sadly the will of the people has a hard time standing against corporate pull. Ordinance 13-121 has been invalidated. Hawaii County Council will meet on December 17,2014 to decide whether to appeal. Have your voice heard about this issue by using this handy form created by the Center for Food Safety requesting the APPEAL of this decision.

Excerpt from the statement:

Hawaii County residents and their elected officials know what’s best for protecting the future of Hawaii’s agriculture, natural resources and wildlife. The principle of preemption is to prevent conflict between laws, such that the laws of the higher level of government prevail. In this case, there are no Hawaii State laws or regulations relating to the cultivation of genetically engineered seeds and crops, so the County’s ban on the cultivation of GE seeds should be the prevailing law on the matter.

The outcome of this case could affect all U.S. counties, because it is the first legal challenge to a county law of this kind. It is vital that the Hawai‘i County Council appeal the ruling and stand up for the rights of County to enact legislation to protect itself from the negative impact GE seed operations can have on agriculture and the environment.

Tell the Hawaii County Council to SUPPORT a motion to APPEAL this misguided ruling.

Follow this link to submit in your own name

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